Why ELSTAT compiles Experimental Statistics

Developments in economy, society and life, in general, are constantly changing. This dynamic process requires the National Statistical Authorities not to be static in terms of the statistical output they provide and the data sources they use. It is important for the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT), as the main producer of official statistics in Greece, to remain ready to identify:

  • emerging needs for new statistical information relevant to users’ needs
  • opportunities to use new sources and methods.

ELSTAT follows an open and transparent procedure for the development of its experimental statistics, defining the relevant plans and timetables, explaining their purpose and nature and allowing users to contribute to the process of monitoring and feedback of experimental statistics.

The European Statistics Code of Practice encourages innovation and improvement and highlights the need for official statistics to remain relevant in order to provide a dynamic public service.

In this context, ELSTAT is closely monitoring developments and opportunities in the evolving technologies and methods in order to provide an ever improved public good.