The Library of the Hellenic Statistical Authority was established in 1953 and it constitutes a separate Section of the Statistical Information and Publications Division. It is a specialised library and focuses on the economic and statistical sectors. Its mission is the management, conservation and preservation of all the ELSTAT publications, printed and electronic, as well as the dissemination of information concerning statistical, financial and management issues and generally issues relating to science and humanities.

The users have open access to the Library, whereas the material cannot be borrowed as it is in continuous daily use. The Library is equipped with computers, printers and photocopy machines, which are available to the users. The Library’s collection numbers about 70.000 volumes of monographs and periodicals and it is enriched with new material on an annual basis. Every year, an Information Bulletin is published with the most recent publications. The most important part of the Library’s collection consists of the publications of the Hellenic Statistical Authority (in printed or electronic form) and the publications of other countries’ statistical authorities. It also comprises publications of international organizations, such as Eurostat, OECD, United Nations, IMF etc.

Through the on-line library catalogue the users can easily search and retrieve the information they want (by choosing among the different fields e.g. “title”, “author’ etc). The libraries information system ADVANCE, based on UniMarc structure, is used for the automation of the Library’s functions.

In addition to all these, the Library runs the “European Statistical Data Support Centre of Greece (ESDS)”, through which it offers free guidance to the users on how to search for European statistical data and publications through Eurostat’s formal website.

Postal address

User Support:

  • Visit to the Library: 09:00-13:00, Monday to Friday
  • Communication via telephone: 08:00-14:00, Monday to Friday