The mission of the Hellenic Statistical Authority is to safeguard and continuously improve the quality of the country’s statistics


The Hellenic Statistical Authority pursues its mission by following in all areas the highest European and international standards of statistical practice, as well as by unswervingly observing the rules and responsibilities it is committed to.

Thus, it strives to

  • Be and remain, beyond any doubt, an independent Statistical Authority, and always function in a way that reflects this very principle
  • Produce statistics that are useful—relevant—for public policy, the economy, and more broadly the life of the people
  • Earn and continuously renew the confidence of users of statistics in their credibility and reliability
  • Obtain and safeguard the confidence of the statistical reporting units—the households, enterprises, and other entities—which provide confidential information for the production of statistical data.

These principles serve as the basis on which the Hellenic Statistical Authority coordinates the functions of the other agencies in the Hellenic Statistical System concerning the development, production and dissemination of the official statistics of Greece.

The Hellenic Statistical Authority also strives for full cooperation with Eurostat and the other Services of the European Commission, as well as with the National Statistical Institutes of the other member states of the European Union, aiming to be a full partner in the workings and evolution of the European Statistical System.