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Provision of other anonymized microdata of statistical surveys

Who can be supplied with

ELSTAT provides users with anonymized microdata of other statistical surveys it conducts besides the surveys whose microdata have been anonymized in accordance with predefined criteria.

How to submit a request for the provision of anonymized microdata

The user must submit an official request to the Statistical Data Dissemination Section of the Statistical Information and Publications Division of ELSTAT through the portal of ELSTAT, www.statistics.gr, at the following link:

Statistical data request

The request should contain the ID data of the user (entity name/full name, postal address, telephone, fax, e-mail), the statistical survey to which refer the anonymized microdata the user wishes to be supplied with and their reference period.

The user’s request is submitted to the President of ELSTAT, on the recommendation of the Division of ELSTAT producing the relevant data. The President may ask the Statistical Confidentiality Committee of ELSTAT to convene, in order for it to consider the request and to make recommendation to the President on the format and conditions for the provision of the requested data. In case the Committee makes a favorable recommendation and if the satisfaction of the request requires special data processing involving the employment of ELSTAT staff for a specific time period, the Statistical Information and Publications Division of ELSTAT, in cooperation with the other Divisions involved in the aforementioned data processing, proceeds to the estimation of the cost incurred for the processing of data by the staff.

Taking into consideration the aforementioned recommendations, the President of ELSTAT decides on the satisfaction of the request and under what conditions it is satisfied. The decision of the President is notified to the user by the Statistical Data Dissemination Section. If the President approves the provision of the anonymized microdata, the Statistical Data Dissemination Section transmits the data to the user as soon as the relevant files are prepared by the Division of ELSTAT which is competent for the production of the data. In case there is a cost incurred for the production of the data, these are transmitted after the payment of the relevant fee by the user.