Digital Cartographic Data

The Cartographic Works Section offers cartographic data upon receipt of requests at Information about the kind of maps, their availability and their price is included in the Maps Catalog. Thematic maps are also available, exclusively for the needs of the ELSTAT. Here are some examples of the headings of these thematic maps':

Contact phones: 213 135 2024, 213 135 2322, 213 135 2316

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I fully declare that according to the provisions of the Article 22, paragraph 5 of the Law 1599/1986 (Greek Official Gazette No. 75A), replaced by provisions of Article 2, paragraph 13 of the Law 2479/97 (Greek Official Gazette No. 67A), the primary microdata will be strictly used for the purpose stated in my application and therefore will not be given to others. Furthermore, the EL.STAT. will be quoted in every study done for scientific pyrposes, as the only source of the statistical data.
I accept the terms