Digital Cartographic Data

Digital Cartographical Data (DCD)

The Hellenic Statistical Authority (EL.STAT.) in an effort to upgrade its products and services and modernize its function so as to provide reliable and timely information and at the same time in order to cope with the public's increasing needs, has developed the Geographical Information System (GIS) which comprises a digital database. This database consists of all the Digital Cartographical Data (DCD) which has been produced through an air photo processing procedure (air-photo acquisition, scanning and vector feature extraction). The air photos were acquired either from already existing sources (from 1997 onwards) or by the Greek Army Geographical Service. Data was mapped for 485 localities with population more than 2.000 people, and for 125 localities with population below 2.000 people. The digital cartographical data has been converted to corresponding analogical diagrams at a 1:5000 scale.

The information provided through the digital cartographical database by locality is:

  • The axis' of the streets and their names (whenever this is possible).
  • The outlines of the blocks and their numbering.
  • The outlines of the buildings and their numbering within the blocks.