United Nations Statistical Commission


The United Nations Statistical Commission, established in 1947, is the highest body of the global statistical system. It brings together the Chief Statisticians from member states from around the world. It is the highest decision making body for international statistical activities especially the setting of statistical standards, the development of concepts and methods and their implementation at the national and international level.

50th session 2019 - Why better data make better lives?

On the occasion of the 50th session, the United Nations Statistics Division is planning a number of special events. Among them, an exhibition running during the week of the Commission's session will be devoted to celebrate this milestone, and a discussion panel reflecting on the history and successes of the Commission over the years, will also take place. In this context, the communication campaign “Why better data make better lives?” is running.

Since 2013, the motto "Better data, better lives" has been widely recognized as an effective way to communicate the ultimate aim of official statistics. In 2019, to celebrate the 50th session of the UN Statistical Commission, everyone is invited to answer “Why better data make better lives?”

We can count at least 50 good reasons, can you?

The United Nations Statistics Division Help is inviting all parties to help highlight the importance of data and statistics in real and day-to-day life, and in the broader context of development and the exercise of human rights, and celebrate the importance of data for a better world!

The Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) is contributing to this campaign with the above video.

In this context, selected schools all over Greece were asked to make a video on “Better data, better lives” and, at the same time, the campaign of ELSTAT #GreekDataMatter was running on social networks (twitter και instagram). All the above material together with the educational visits of schools at ELSTAT premises were used for the production of the video which is ELSTAT’s contribution to the 50th session of the United Nations Statistics Division.

More information on the UN campaign and the contribution of other countries here.