Custom Statistics request (New)

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I solemnly declare that in any study/report which is based on the data of the Statistical Institute, ELSTAT shall be acknowledged as the source of data.

Declaration of Confidentiality

I fully declare that the requested data will be used only for the purposes mentioned in the current request, as well as any published study or information including data obtained must quote the EL.STAT. as the data source. (source: EL.STAT.,

Anonymized microdata of statistical surveys

I fully declare that according to the provisions of the Article 22, paragraph 6 of the Law 1599/1986 (Greek Official Gazette No. 75A), replaced by provisions of Article 2, paragraph 13 of the Law 2479/97 (Greek Official Gazette No. 67A), the primary microdata will be strictly used for the purpose stated in my application and therefore will not be given to others. Furthermore, the EL.STAT. will be quoted in every study done for scientific pyrposes, as the only source of the statistical data.
I accept the terms