Conduct of users:

Care must be taken of all Library items and material. No user may mark, mutilate or annotate books. Any marking, damage or loss of material should be replaced or compensated by the user who caused it.


Data dissemination cost

  • The Library of the Hellenic Statistical Authority is a specialised economic-statistical library.
  • All users are welcome to use the Library and the European Statistical Data Support (ESDS) Centre of Greece, which is run by the Library.
  • All users have open access to the Library’s reading room. No visitor is permitted to enter other parts of the Library without the prior permission of the Library staff.
  • Users are welcome to ask the Library staff for help.
  • The European Statistical Data Support (ESDS) Centre of Greece provides guidance to users in order to retrieve European statistical data and publications through Eurostat website. The Centre does not extract tables from databases for users, since all data and publications are provided free of charge.
  • Computers and printers are available to users so that they can have access to the on-line library catalogue, as well as to the ELSTAT and Eurostat websites.
    • Users should maintain quiet and good order in the Library’s reading room.
    • Users should not place the used material back on the shelves, but leave it in order on the tables.
    • Users should fill in the User Form handed to them by the Library staff each time they visit the Library.
    • Eating and drinking are prohibited in the Library.
    • Mobile phones should be switched off while using the Library.
    • Personal belongings should not be left unattended, as the Library accepts no responsibility for the loss of any unattended item.
    • Users should respect the Library staff who may ask to inspect any bag or publication being taken out of the Library.
    • The Library material cannot be borrowed, since it is in continuous daily use.
    • Only the staff of the Hellenic Statistical Authority is entitled to borrow Library material.
    • Users should photocopy part of the material on their own and pay the corresponding cost per page.
    • The cost of the data provided in electronic format depends on the kind of the survey as well as on the requested data. Users should have with them their own means of storage for the recording of the data (CDs/DVDs/flash discs etc.).
    • Users can buy the ELSTAT printed publications in the ELSTAT Bookshop on the ground floor of our premises. On-line orders are also welcome through the ELSTAT portal at "Products and Services".
    • All publications can be downloaded for free through the ELSTAT portal at "Digital library".