The ESS Vision 2020

ESS Vision 2020

The ESS Vision 2020 is a common strategic response of the European Statistical System (Eurostat, EU Member States and EFTA countries) to the challenges that official statistics is facing. It was adopted by the ESS Committee in May 2014. The aim is to develop an ESS that:

  • is guided by quality in all activities and continues to deliver coherent, relevant and reliable statistics based on internationally harmonised concepts, sound methodologies and a strict data protection regime;
  • engages users proactively and meets their demands in a cost-efficient and responsive manner;
  • promotes efficiency and realises productivity gains through collaboration in sharing methods, tools, technological infrastructure and where appropriate data and human resources, based on legal frameworks and all prerequisites needed to ensure statistical confidentiality;
  • embraces opportunities provided by the digital transformation and harnesses new data sources to produce meaningful statistics;
  • delivers information in an interactive and easily understandable way, and improves the statistical literacy of European citizens and institutions by guiding them through the deluge of data and information from various origins.

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