Statistical Literacy in Greece

Welcome to the new dedicated webpage of the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT), created in the context of the project for “Fostering Statistical Literacy in Greece”.

The purpose of this project is to introduce, in an educational and recreational manner, pupils and students into the world of statistics and help them to understand the practical applications of statistics in their daily habits: for example when doing their purchases, choosing their studies or career path, calculating their income and expenses, etc.

Furthermore, the programme is aimed at informing on the role and use of official statistics, as well as on their production method on the basis of European and international statistical standards.

The programme includes actions such as competitions, educational visits, promotion of the European Master of Official Statistics (EMOS) in Greek Universities, online educational games, etc. Our goal is to develop and further promote the project, in order to build statistical understanding throughout society, ensuring that we all make full use of data.