Presentation of the programm

The duration of the educational visits is approximately 3 hours, encompassing groups up to 70 pupils/students.

The programme for the educational visits consists of the following sessions: 

  • Welcome and acquaintance with the pupils/students
  • Distribution of educational/promotional material of ELSTAT and Eurostat
  • Information on the mission, work, legal framework and organisational structure of ELSTAT- Discussion
  • Filling in a sample of a survey questionnaire - Discussion
  • Information on the dissemination modes and presentation of statistics
  • Break
  • Presentations on specific statistical themes and relevant statistical data - Discussion
  • Statistical quiz
  • Evaluation of the programme by the pupils/students (filling in a relevant questionnaire)
  • Distribution of attendance certificates and souvenirs to the pupils/students

The presentations and the specific statistical themes and tables/graphs/infographics presented during the educational visits are tailored to the education level and needs of the visiting school units (primary, secondary or tertiary education units) andinclude topics such as population statistics, vital statistics, data on the labour force, GDP, inflation, trade and services statistics, sampling and sampling methods, etc.