Certification of statistics

ELSTAT has, pursuant to the Greek Statistical Law 3832/2010, as in force, the responsibility to certify as “official” statistics which have been produced by the other agencies of the Hellenic Statistical System (ELSS).

The certification of statistics is the approval provided by ELSTAT that the statistics produced by an ELSS agency shall be used as official statistics. The terms and conditions of the certification are determined in the the Regulation on the Operation and Administration of ELSTAT.

The basic document that is used for the certification of statistics produced by the ELSS agencies is the “Statement on the principles and procedures for the Certification of ELSS statistics” . The above document covers:

  • the aims of ELSTAT’s certification function;
  • the principles, which ELSTAT adopts when certifying official statistics;
  • an outline of the certification process;
  • the requirements for completion of Quality Reports on each statistical process for the production of official statistics;
  • the written evidence for certification that will be provided at the beginning of the certification process.

The ELSS agencies, are required by law to implement the European Statistics Code of Practice, when developing, producing and disseminating statistics. The purpose of this Guide to the agencies of the Hellenic Statistical System on the Implementation of the European Statistics Code of Practice is to help the ELSS agencies in understanding and observing the CoP.