How the 2021 Population Census will be conducted


The Population-Housing Census is conducted taking into account the unprecedented circumstances caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and on the basis of common methodological principles, rules and standards in accordance with EU Regulation (EC) No 763/2008 and Law 4772/2021 (Government Gazette Series A 17). It should be noted that the data collected during the General Censuses are confidential and will be used by ELSTAT exclusively for the production of aggregated statistics, while no sensitive personal data will be requested from the enumerated persons.

More specifically:

  • Until mid-November, approximately 60,000 enumerators of ELSTAT will deposit in each house, apartment or accommodation a closed envelope with a unique code number corresponding to the dwelling concerned. The household representative will, then, be able to login to the special web application for the Census via the Digital Portal www.gov.gr, using this unique code and his/her taxis code and to fill in the online questionnaire for himself/herself and the members of his/her household, as well as his/her dwelling. At any step of this process, the enumerated persons can contact their enumerator by telephone for questions/clarifications.
  • During the period from 27 November to mid-December, those citizens who, for whatever reason (e.g. they are not familiar with new technologies), cannot be self-enumerated electronically, will be visited by an ELSTAT enumerator who will enumerate them using the usual ‘door-to-door’ method, as in previous censuses.

During their work, all ELSTAT enumerators will have with them, apart from their Identity Card, a special badge with ELSTAT trademark and their contact details, as well as the Decision for their appointment as enumerators bearing their photograph and the stamp of ELSTAT. They are also obliged to observe all necessary measures for the protection of public health against the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease.