ELSTAT convened the 1st User Conference on 20 October 2010,

on the occasion of the World Statistics Day. This conference gave ELSTAT an important opportunity to gather comments and suggestions from users in a number of areas: dissemination of statistical information, gaps and weaknesses of produced statistics, access to statistical data and future steps to enhance ELSTAT’s cooperation with users.

Users pointed out, inter alia, the need for:

  • compiling additional statistics in the areas of health and education (mainly economic data),
  • compiling statistics on the use of time,
  • compiling statistics on wealth and capital,
  • developing a System of Health Accounts,
  • compiling additional statistics at the level of municipality.

The User Conference held on the 20th of October 2010 helped ELSTAT be directly informed on how users evaluate its statistical products and draw conclusions on how these products could be more useful for them. Given the usefulness of the conference, there was general agreement that regular meetings between ELSTAT and users should be organized.