Agricultural Census_2021_Guidance

Instructions for the Census



The 2021 Agricultural-Livestock Census has been designed taking into account the particular circumstances arising from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In this context, the data are collected by means of an online questionnaire via a dedicated web application on the Digital Portal

The questionnaire for each agricultural and livestock holding is completed by the owner or manager of the holding through self-enumeration, or by the enumerators of ELSTAT by means of interviews with the holder, during meetings held at suitable premises in each Municipality or by telephone or, exceptionally, in the enumerated person’s home, taking all the necessary measures to protect public health.

The enumerators of ELSTAT who communicate or visit the representatives of the enumerated holdings carry a special identity card of ELSTAT. In the case of telephone communication, the enumerated persons can confirm the I.D. details of the enumerators by calling the Census Call Centre (tel. +30 2103001515).

The data collected during the Census are confidential and will be used only for the production of aggregated statistics. ELSTAT takes all the necessary and appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect this information in order to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the data provided.

Information brochure on the Census (available in Greek): Enumerators of the Agricultural-Livestock Census