2021 Buildings Census


The Buildings Census always precedes the Population-Housing Census and it is conducted to meet national needs for statistical information on the buildings’ wealth of Greece, in particular to record the number of buildings and collect data on their composition in terms of floors, as well as on other characteristics (construction materials, use, construction period, etc.). The Buildings Census provides detailed data for all the administrative divisions of Greece. In addition, the Buildings Census is one of the stages of the pre-census works of the Population-Housing Census, aiming to locate the dwelling/households to be enumerated during the Population-Housing Census. The legal framework governing the General Censuses is Law 4772/2021 (Government Gazette, Series I, No 17, 05-02-2021).


Methodology of the Census

The Buildings Census is conducted during the period from July to September 2021 and precedes the Population-Housing Census. The data collection period may be extended, if necessary. Building on modern technology, the data collection of the Buildings Census will be carried out using electronic tablets in order to collect the necessary information on the geospatial location of the buildings (in compliance with Commission Regulation (EU) 2018/1799 requiring the compilation of the relevant statistics geocoded to a 1 k㎡ grid).


Data security

The data of the Buildings Census will be stored in a dedicated secure database, which will include all the collected variables. Access to the information contained in the database will be subject to all the necessary and appropriate technical and organisational protection measures provided for in national and EU legislation in order to observe the statistical confidentiality of the data, in accordance with the provisions of the Law 3832/2010, and the files of the database will be inaccessible from any other database in order to protect the data provided against any unauthorised or unlawful processing.