20 main tables of Eurostat

In an effort to make the use of European statistics clear and understandable, a common set of tables was chosen to be published jointly on the websites of all the partner countries. To facilitate users of European statistics, 20 significant tables of Eurostat are posted on ELSTAT’s webpage in the English language.

Topic Table
Economy / National Accounts GDP per capita in PPS
Economy / National Accounts Real GDP per capita, growth rate and totals
Economy / National Accounts Gross domestic product at market prices
conomy / Government Statistics General government gross debt
Economy / Government Statistics General government deficit (-) and surplus (+)
Economy / Government Statistics Total general government expenditure
Economy / Prices HICP - all items
Population / Labour Force Harmonised unemployment rate by sex
Population / Labour Force Employment rate by sex, age group 20-64
Population / Demography People by age group
Population / Demography Population by citizenship - foreigners
Population / Demography Life expectancy at birth, by sex
Population / Demography Crude birth rate
Industry Industrial production - total industry (excluding construction)
Industry Industrial domestic output prices - total industry (excluding construction)
Construction Building permits
Energy Electricity prices by type of user
Energy Electricity generated from renewable sources
Environment Greenhouse gas emissions by sector
Agriculture Consumption of certain foodstuffs per inhabitant
Statistical graphics

GDP per capita in PPS (Index (EU28 = 100))

Harmonised unemployment rate by sex