Special Data Dissemination Standard

Economic & Financial Data for Greece

The official data presented in this page are produced by the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT), the Ministry of Finance, the Bank of Greece (BoG) and the Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research (IOBE).
The data shown in this page correspond to the data described on the International Monetary Fund's Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board (DSBB).For a fuller explanation of the DSBB and the statistical standards to which Greece has committed, please click on DSBB Home Page.
SDDS for Greece
Real Sector
Data Category & ComponentUnit DescriptionObservations(%) Change previous period(%) Change same period last year
Date of latestLatest dataLatest data -1
National AccountsProvisional data, Seasonally
GDP Current PricesAt current prices, Millions EuroQ1/204532646589-2.7-2.6
Private consumptionAt current prices, Millions EuroQ1/203171831998-0.9-0.1
Public consumptionAt current prices, Millions EuroQ1/20932691541.93.3
Gross fixed capital formationAt current prices, Millions EuroQ1/2050535355-5.6-6.5
Exports of goods and servicesAt current prices, Millions Euro Q1/201699717023-0.2-1.7
Imports of goods and servicesAt current prices, Millions EuroQ1/201649216969-2.8-5.5
GDP Chained volumesAt reference year 2010 prices, Millions EuroQ1/204773948515-1.6-0.9
Private consumptionAt reference year 2010 prices, Millions EuroQ1/203247532764-0.9-0.7
Public consumptionAt reference year 2010 prices, Millions EuroQ1/201016299342.32.0
Gross fixed capital formationAt reference year 2010 prices, Millions EuroQ1/2052155690-8.4-6.4
Exports of goods and servicesAt reference year 2010 prices, Millions EuroQ1/2016949169340.12.5
Imports of goods and servicesAt reference year 2010 prices, Millions EuroQ1/2017498166055.40.2
Production Index (1)Provisional data 2015=100,0Apr/
Forward Looking Indicators
Economic Sentiment Indicator Index 1990:2011=100Apr 2099.3109.4-9.2-2,
Consumer Confidence IndicatorIndexApr
Industrial Confidence IndicatorIndex 2000:2010=100Apr
Construction Confidence IndicatorIndex 2000:2010=100Apr
Retail Trade Confidence IndicatorIndex 2000:2010=100Apr
Service Sector Confidence IndicatorIndex 2000:2010=100Apr
EmploymentRevised data according to the Population Census 2011 estimations - Not seasonally adjusted, in thousandsQ4/
UnemploymentRevised data according to the Population Census 2011 estimations - Not seasonally adjusted, in thousandsQ4/
Unemployment rateChange from previous period and change from same period of last yearQ4/
Wages/EarningsIndex of Wages Cost (2016=100.0) Seasonally adjusted data. Final dataQ4/
Consumer Prices2009=100.0Apr/
Producer Price Index in Industry 2010=100.0Apr/2091.1795.09-4.1-13.9
Fiscal Sector
Data Category & ComponentUnit DescriptionObservations(%) Change previous period(%) Change same period last year
Date of latestLatest dataLatest data -1
General Government or Public Sector OperationsPreliminary data 1st reporting
- RevenueAt current prices, Euro Millions201989480885551.0
- ExpenditureAt current prices, Euro Millions201986735867200.0
- Balance, Deficit /Surplus At current prices, Euro Millions20192745183549.6
- as % of GDP20191.51.050.0
- Financing of General Government BalanceEuro Millions2019
Currency and DepositsEuro Millions 201927523716.0
- Securities other than shares (excluding derivatives)Euro Millions 20194972-2056341.8
- Short-term Euro Millions 2019608-3117119.5
- Long-termEuro Millions 201943641061311.3
- LoansEuro Millions 2019-890719057-146.7
- Short-termEuro Millions 201925205-87.8
- Long-termEuro Millions 2019-893218852-147.4
- Others changesEuro Millions 2019915-19073104.8
-TotalEuro Millions2019-2745-183549.6
Central Government OperationsPreliminary
- RevenueEuro MillionsApril/2030003550-15.5-25.0
- ExpenditureEuro MillionsApril/20526050574.023.5
- Balance, Deficit /SurplusEuro MillionsApril/20-2260-150749.9775.9
Central Government OperationsPreliminary annual
-RevenueEuro millions201956476533355.9
-ExpenditureEuro millions 20195712857300-0.3
Balance,Deficit / SurplusEuro millions2019-652-3965-83.5
Reconciliation itemsEuro millions201900
Cash BalanceEuro millions2019-652-3965-83.5
- Financing (2)(*)Euro millions20196523965-83.5
T-BillsEuro millions2019-2667336-893.1
BondsEuro millions201943241043314.6
LoansEuro Millions2019-448528671-115.6
Currency and DepositsEuro millions20193480-26086-113.3
Budgetary Central Government Debt
Budgetary Central Government Debt (not including debt guaranteed by central government) (3)(*)Euro MillionsQ1/20361828,74356014,921,631,16
- Debt by currency:Euro MillionsQ1/20361828,74356014,921,631,16
a)euro area currencyEuro Millions Q1/20357891,92352256,471,602,10
b)non-euro area currencyEuro Millions Q1/203936,823758,454,75-44,96
- Debt by residual maturity: (4) (*)Euro MillionsQ1/20361828,74356014,921,631,16
a) Short-term (up to 1 year) (4)Euro Millions Q1/2048445,7944329,049,294,53
b) Medium-term (1-5 years) (4)Euro Millions Q1/2040713,1536244,6312,3315,87
c) Long-term (above 5 years) (4) Euro Millions Q1/20272669,80275441,25-1,01-1,28
- Debt quaranteed by central governmentEuro MillionsQ1/209987,619972,020,16-5,06
Financial Sector
Data Category & ComponentUnit DescriptionObservations(%) Change previous period(%) Change same period last year
Date of latestLatest dataLatest data -1
Analytical Accounts of the Banking Sector Euro
Monetary Aggregates ComponentsEuro Millions
Overnight depositsEuro MillionsApr/20105.425102.888
Deposits redeemable at notice up to 3 monthsEuro MillionsApr/202.0161.925
Deposits with agreed maturity up to 2 yearsEuro MillionsApr/2046.41946.886
Repurchase agreementsEuro MillionsApr/20170170
Money market fund unitsEuro MillionsApr/20317314
Debt securities up to 2 yearsEuro MillionsApr/2000
Credit to euro area General Government, comprising loans granted to and securities issued by General Government net of Central Government deposits.Euro MillionsApr/2016.17111.608
Credit (loans) to non-MFI euro area residents (excluding General Government)Euro MillionsApr/20148.967148.913
Net foreign position vis-'a-vis non-euro area residentsEuro MillionsApr/2044.45041.206
Analytical Accounts of the Central BankEuro
Reserve Money (euro area residency)Euro MillionsApr/2089.13679.878
Credit (loans and securities other than shares) to euro area General GovernmentEuro MillionsApr/2021.27019.414
Credit (loans) to euro area non-Government sector (excluding OMFIs)Euro MillionsApr/20402402
Net foreign position vis-'a-vis non euro area residentsEuro MillionsApr/2038.33937.448
Central Bank key rates
Yields of Greek Goverment SecuritiesMonthly
a. 12-month Treasury bill yield at auctionMar/
b. 10-year goverment bond yieldMar/
Deposit and lending interest rates Monthly
Financial Soudness
Stock MarketReleased daily by the Athens Stock
Share price index (composite)1980=100 (end-of-month data)May/20652.6628.3
External Sector
Data Category & ComponentUnit DescriptionObservations(%) Change previous period(%) Change same period last year
Date of latestLatest dataLatest data -1
Balance of
A. Current account  Euro MillionsMar/20-1106.3-1137.5
A.1 Exports of goodsEuro MillionsMar/202404.62528.5
A.2 Imports of goodsEuro MillionsMar/204207.74322.4
A.3 Exports of servicesEuro MillionsMar/201727.91879.9
A.4 Imports of servicesEuro MillionsMar/201372.91490.1
A.5 Primary income (receipts) Euro MillionsMar/20548.31044.3
A.6 Primary income (payments) Euro MillionsMar/20366.6874.6
A.7 Secondary income (receipts)Euro MillionsMar/20406.0373.2
A.8 Secondaty income (payments)Euro MillionsMar/20245.9276.3
B. Capital  account (net)Euro MillionsMar/20116.4106.7
B.1 Capital  account (receipts)Euro MillionsMar/20133.2129.7
B.2 Capital  account (payments)Euro MillionsMar/2016.823.0
C. Financial account(net)Euro MillionsMar/20-1314.2-687.7
C.1 Direct investmentEuro MillionsMar/20-66.0-387.6
C.1.1 AssetsEuro MillionsMar/2016.2111.8
C.1.2 LiabilitiesEuro MillionsMar/2082.2499.4
C.2 Portfolio investmentEuro MillionsMar/204570.4-596.4
C.2.1 AssetsEuro MillionsMar/203241.3356.6
C.2.2 LiabilitiesEuro MillionsMar/20-1329.1953.0
C.3 Other investmentEuro MillionsMar/20-6530.6290.2
C.3.1 AssetsEuro MillionsMar/20681.2464.3
C.3.2 LiabilitiesEuro MillionsMar/207211.8174.0
C.4 Change in international reservesEuro MillionsMar/20712.06.0
D.  Errors and omissionsEuro MillionsMar/20-324.3343.1
International Reserves Euro Millions - Eurosystem definition (total gross-end of month)May/
A.  Reserve assetsEuro MillionsMay/2086528827
A.1 Monetary goldEuro MillionsMay/2056715756
A.1α  Monetary gold Millions of fine troy ouncesMay/203.6553.654
A.2 Special drawing rightsMillion euroMay/201212
A.3  Reserve position in the IMFEuro MillionsMay/20708722
A.4  Foreign exchangeEuro MillionsMay/2022612337
A.5  Other claimsEuro MillionsMay/2000
A.5.1  Financial derivativesEuro MillionsMay/2000
Template on international reserves and foreign currency liquidity Euro Millions Apr/
Merchandise Trade (5)
- Total exportsEuro Millions, Provisional data Apr/202068.12470.0-16.3-30.6
- Total imports Euro Millions, Provisional data Apr/203202.14103.5-22.0-30.5
Balance of tradeEuro Millions, Provisional dataApr/20-1134.0-1633.4-30.6-30.3
International Investment PositionEuro MillionsQ4/
1. Direct investmentEuro MillionsQ4/19-19152-17006
1.1 AssetsEuro MillionsQ4/192140121278
1.2 LiabilitiesEuro MillionsQ4/194055338284
2. Portfolio investmentEuro MillionsQ4/197336969513
2.1 AssetsEuro MillionsQ4/19131196130025
2.1.1 Equity securities and Investment Fund SharesEuro MillionsQ4/1994539198
2.1.2 Debt securitiesEuro MillionsQ4/19121743120827
2.2 LiabilitiesEuro MillionsQ4/195782760512
2.2.1 Equity securities and Investment Fund SharesEuro MillionsQ4/191683915382
2.2.2 Debt securitiesEuro MillionsQ4/194098845130
3. Financial DerivativesEuro millionsQ4/19-13460-14190
3.1 AssetsEuro millionsQ4/198831095
3.2 LiabilitiesEuro millionsQ4/191434315286
4. Other investmentEuro MillionsQ4/19-330682-325942
4.1 AssetsEuro MillionsQ4/196240363470
4.2 LiabilitiesEuro MillionsQ4/19393085389413
5. Reserve assetsEuro MillionsQ4/1975717537
External Debt Euro millionsQ4/
Exchange Rates (6)
Data Category & ComponentUnit DescriptionObservations(%) Change previous period(%) Change same period last year
Date of latestLatest dataLatest data -1
PopulationEstimated population data 2018 (30/06/XX)
Estimated population data 2018 (30/06/XX), males20185.209.1785.215.685
Estimated population data 2018 (30/06/XX), females20185.523.7205.539.016
PRODUCTION INDEX : Industrial Production Index, excluding construction * Provisional data ** Revised data
CGO FINANCING : Greece is taking a flexibility option for the periodicity of the financing data.These data will be disseminated on an annual basis,within one month after the end of the calendar year.
Budgetary Central Government Debt differs from General Government Debt (Maastricht definition) by the amount of Intra-sectoral debt holdings and other ESA '95 adjustments.
Data revision (since 01/01/2017): Data for Debt by residual maturity cover the Total amount of Debt.
EXCHANGE RATES : The dissemination of data concerning exchange rates is within the sphere of competence of the ECB.
The project is co-financed by Greece and the European Union